About Us

"Rasta Technologies" is a leading company in the field of off-road accessories, offering high quality products, which are suited for the most challenging terrain. Our line of products includes items such as underbody protection kits, wheel carriers, side seals, internal winch mounts, water tanks and more. "Rasta" was founded in 2002 by Mr.Tsadi Maller, and its products are well known for their quality, reliability and practicality. Our experts have over 20 years of experience in inventing and developing 4x4 equipment. 

All our products are designed and manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing technologies, and comply with ISO standards and environmental standards.

Value Proposition
  • High flexibility, quick response to customer's needs
  • Specific adjustments upon request
  • Excellent service
  • Full technical and professional support
  • Short time delivery

Our philosophy

We in Rasta believe that 4x4 vehicles can travel and reach the most remote areas, while protecting nature and the environment. When you travel with your 4x4, you need to trust your vehicle. You want to travel safely and return safely. Rasta enables you to do so. Rasta- you can trust'a…

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