TOYOTA - FJ cruiser

Trekking through the outback or the local asphalt byways, Rasta full aluminium 5052 Skid Plates provide safety and protection against unforeseen road hazards. Prevent unwanted damage to your lower radiator, front suspension, brake lines, oil pan, transfer case and differential. Easy installation stainless steel fasteners are included. All Rasta Plates feature a non-corrosive finish and no drilling needed that is easy to maintain.
Finally, Safety and protection for the rear of your Toyota


Skid Plates   *   Sill protection Plate   *   Internal winch mount   *   Water Tank


Skid Plates

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skid plate

These heavy duty FJ Cruiser skid plates are laser cut from 5052 aluminium and CNC press formed. Replaces thin factory sheet metal with heavy duty steel from front bumper to rear of tcase. Includes air intake for power steering cooler and oil drain holes.

Complete set for FJ
• Fully coverage from the radiator to the back bumper.
• Easy installation, no drilling- fixed to the original holes n the car.
• Air intake included
• No  unnecessary movements and  screeches

front bumper skid plate

Rasta front skid plate is the best you can find these days.
We enhancement the efficiency of the plate by adding very important element- an Air Intake
When you put a skid plate naturally, the differential is “suffer” because instead of an Air intake usually there are some holes for cooling.
Rasta develops a special Air Intake specific for the Toyota frontier differential and it’s simulating exactly the functionality of the original one.
It’s also important to know that if you need to change the differential oil you can do it without taking off the skid through the service holes we put in.

gear box skid plate

transfer skid plate

the “crooked” hole in this part is specially made in this shape to allows u change oil and round your screw with no nees to take of the skid plate.

fuel tank skid plate

Enabled you full protection of  you Full tank from road bumpers

Sill protection Plate

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Sill protection plate

  • Special placment for Hi-Lift secure use.
  • Rasta step board are custome made to fit your FJ.
  • Rubberized  step surface for secure footing in any weather.
  • Rasta puts many affords for great look that matches your vehicle.

Sill protection palate

Closer view

Internal winch mount

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Internal winch mount

Rasta internal winch mount is fitted and well designed to the Toyota.  It’s looks like an original part that came straight with your SUV.

Internal winch mount

Water Tank

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Water tank

How many times you thought “ I wish I could take a bath after this long day…”, Rasta 70 Lt. water tank allows u to wash your dishes, take a nice bath  or  quick refresh.  Very elegant installation the water tank is protected and the filling hole is combined with the bumper like it’s came strait from Toyota factory.

water tank

  • Professional  water pump 2US Gal / min.
  • Stainless still - nontoxic water tank
  • Universal plug0in connector for differet uses
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