Swing Away Tire Mount for Land Rover LR3

The part Land Rover should have made! This aftermarket kit relocates the spare tire from under the back of the truck to out back, where it belongs. Under the back end it often hangs up on the trail, and you can't fit larger tires into the small space. Most of the hardware hides behind the rear bumper or under the tire for a very clean appearance. The latch is the handle shown under the tire, which uses a strong bail-style clamp to prevent rattles. There is a locking pin to hold the arm at 90 degrees to prevent damage to the bodywork when open. Suitable for both 18" and 19" factory wheels.

We recommend professional installation since holes must be drilled in the rear bumper bar under the plastic cap, and holes must be drilled in the top section of the cap for the hinge and locking pin.

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